Teachers Training Details

As teachers are also learners. Our teachers stay updating themselves by attending workshops and various online training programmes to enhance their skills.

During Covid-19 lockdown situation, our teacher’s relentless work to provide online study material telephonic doubt clearing class can’t be forgotten. Parents support and co-operation has always been immense.

All the above achievements are due to sincerity, discipline, determination, devotion, dedication and dreaming Big by our teachers.

I hereby conclude by saying that success is journey not a destination and I want all the parents to come along with us in this journey. Together we will win and make a difference for our young minds.

Our thanks to the management committee of own school for their able guidance and encouragement.

Online teaching learning is not an easy task. But I am happy to announce that not only teacher but also our dear students adapted this change and gave their best.

Without taking much of your time I will conclude but I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your tremendous support and co-operation without which I cannot run school smoothly and I expect the same further.

So enjoy the programme. Thank you have a nice day!