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School is providing career guidance through webinar on various topics for the betterment of students. Career counseling help students to clear the doubts and to enhance their ideas and bright future.


Our school facilitates the student counseling on different subjects. For the scholastic development of students, school is offering them counseling by our school counselor to develop emotional and behavioral growth of students.


These are the skills that allow a child to make sense of what’s on the page.

Print knowledge – The ability to identify letters, words and symbols on a page and to understand how print works – for example, understanding that print is read from left to right and that letters combine to make words.

Sound awareness – Understanding that words can be broken down into syllables and smaller sounds, and that letters correspond to certain sounds.

Story comprehension – Understanding not only what is happening in a book, but why it is happening, and being able to read “between the lines” to uncover the author’s intention.

Vocabulary – This skill grows like a snowball – the more words a child knows, the easier it is for her to learn new words and to gain meaning from stories.

Conversation – As a child engages in a conversation, she can draw on her knowledge and experience to make new connections, form new knowledge and build language skills. The better a young child’s conversational skills, the easier it will be for her to understand what she reads later on. 


  1. At the beginning, the training helps the students gain a much deeper knowledge about the stream of engineering so opted for.

  2. The training readily enhances the technical skills of the individuals in a practical environment.

  3. The students undergo the training based on their performance and the opportunities available.

  4. The training is quite vital in judging the skills and the capabilities of the students which is important for the future career prospect.

  5. Finally, with the help of the training, the students get a clear idea about themselves, their interests, their strength as well as their weaknesses all of which are extremely helpful their future career.

Inauguration of Career Counselling

Inauguration of Career Counselling Desk by Dr. Amita Kamat(Asst.Dir.School Program)

Vedantu Session

Career counselling session for class X students by Vedantu