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Arts labs including Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Life science, Multimedia, computer science, History museum and Geography Labs give the students extensive practical experience to supplement their learnt in the classroom.

Computer Laboratory

Life Science Laboratory

Physics Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory

Biology Laboratory

Multimedia Laboratory

History Museum Laboratory

Geography Laboratory

Mathematics Laboratory

Music & Dance Room

"As we know Music fills joy in every heart". School has provided professional to teach instrument like Synthesizer, Piano, Violin, Guitar and Flute etc

Art- Craft

Sports Room

“All work and no play make Jack a dull Boy” Believing in this, school provides special instructors to edify and guide the students in various sports.

Play Ground

Yoga Room


School Buses owned by us play the neighboring areas for the students.

Medical Room

Sick Bay along with medical check-ups by our panel of doctors.



Smart Class

Cygnet public school is now equipped with Smart class. Students can use smart methods by learning smart curriculum at sm


Digital Learning Material


Library & Reading Room Facility

Well stocked library meticulously arranged with selected books on variety of subject. Digital Library with a collection of interactive DVD'S CD-ROMs for the extensive use both by teachers and students.

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    • Times of India(English)

    • Navbharat (Hindi)

    • Maharahtra Times (Marathi)

  • 2


    • Encyclopedia

    • Biographies

    • Mythology

    • Dictionaries

    • Essay & Letter Writing

    • Story Books in all Languages

    • Charts for teaching aid

    • Maps

    • Globe

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Library Rules & Regulations

  • 1
    Entire library is primarily intended for the students and the staff of this school.
  • 2
    Everyone present in the library is required to maintain the silence.
  • 3
    Students are not allowed to sit in the library during their regular class.
  • 4
    Library books will be available in the allotted period through the librarian or the concerned teacher.
  • 5
    The book will be issued to the child and teacher only after it is entered in the Issue Register.
  • 6
    The book will be issued for not more than one Week's time.
  • 7
    Audio and video cassettes will be available for the students and the teachers.
  • 8
    Damage or loss of the book is to be made good by the offender.
  • 9
    If the student fails to return the book in the assigned period he/she will be liable for a fine of rs.2/- per day.
  • 10
    Current issue of Journals, magazines will not be issued to the students.
  • 11
    If any student fails to return the book to the library even by the end of the session his/her result for the Annual examination will be withheld unless the book has been returned or the fine is paid.

Library Timings

Library Timing: 8a.m to 2p.m

Counselling and Guidance

Educational /Behavioral Counseling is provided to channelize every child into discovering his/her strengths.

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