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PTA Meet is held every month to solve the problem raised by the parents.
Solution of the problem is found by popular consent.
The school takes immediate steps to resolve the problems.

Benefits of Parents Meeting

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    Academic Progress IN the Commencement of the meeting mam announced that I am going to take meeting with EPTA members and class representatives in February Mam told all members that we made English speaking mandatory for all. We started collecting 5rs fine from those who are not speaking in English. Science Exhibition was held at our Hadapsar Campus, there were 100 projects mam gave good news to all members that we got 1st prize in that exhibition and our another project "soya project" go for patent. IF we get patent number it will create history.
    Principal madam discussed following topics:

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    Attendance of Students

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    Upcoming events

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    C.B.S.E Affiliation announcement: Mam announced that our school C.P.S.N got C.B.S.E affiliation number. Mam told parents C.B.S.E committee communicated with students, they are very happy with our academics. All members agreed with mam’s decision. Meeting was got over at 11:00 am

Parent Teacher Association

There was E.PT.A held on 30th nov 2018 (Friday) at 9:15 a.m.
There were chairperson Mrs. Ajita parbat mam, Vice chairperson Mrs. Anita Shinde( who is from parent member ),
Secretory Miss Anuja Mam, Mrs Bhavna Mam and others parents members and teacher members present.

Parent Teacher Interaction

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