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Admission Section

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    Do Admission enquiry in admission cell.

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    Collect Admission form of RS.300/- from office

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    Fill the form properly.

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    Submit all required documents with the form in the office.

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    When admission fees & 1st installment is paid admission seat will be booked.

School Rules and Regulations:

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    School Timing :
    Primary - Secondary : Mon-Fri. – 8:00 Am To 2:15 Pm
    2nd,4th & 5th Sat. – 8:00 Am To 11:30 Am
    1st & 3rd Saturday will be holiday.

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    School Office Timing:
    Monday to Friday : 9:30 Am to 3:30 Pm
    2nd,4th & 5th Sat. - 9:30 Am To 12:30 Pm

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    To Meet Teacher:
    2nd & 4th Saturday 12:30 To 1:30 Pm

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    Introduction of mother teacher concept for classes I and II.

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    For any query related to school, to talk to teachers, etc. parents can call to the reception inform the name of the child, class, parent contact no., reason and the parents will be back by the concern persons, suggestions, complaints and appreciation are most welcome. Suggestion box is fitted.

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    If parent cannot come to school personally, they can contact or send text message to
    Principal: Mrs. Ajita Parbat - 9763722119
    Co-Ordinator: Mrs. Bhavna Ranhale - 7709978896
    Co-Ordinator : Ms. Anuja Jadhav - 9763061720
    Transport Co-Ordinator : Nimbalkar Sir - 9689403036
    Driver Incharge : Mane Sir 9763722061

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    Attendance on all the reopening days for the students is compulsory.

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    Attendance on all open days and orientation programmes should be maximum

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    Payment mode:
    Pre-Primary: Demand Draft :- Cygnus Pre-Primary School
    I-X : Demand Draft :-Tssm’s New Cygnet Public School
    For Bus : The Shetkari Shikshan Mandal, Pune

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    Parents must inform about any special activity of the child to the Principal in written.

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    EXTERNAL EXAMS : 2018-19

  • 12

    National Science Olympiad(NSO)

  • 13

    Maharashtra State Board Scholarship Exam for V & VIII.
    Elementary, Intermediate exam for drawing.
    No Gold or Silver Ornaments are allowed
    No Expensive and fancy compass box, pencil, pens, Tiffin, Bags etc. are allowed.
    Usage of pen will start standard 5th onwards only.
    Every Monday there will be checking of Haircut, nails, school socks, will be done.
    Students must wear only school sweater whenever required and for secondary blazer. No jerkins will be allowed.
    Bus drivers will not wait for any students or parents during pick up and drop time.

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    Parents should check the bags of their wards randomly and if the ward has brought any other students material at home should return to the school.
    Parents are provided with the following emails address for better communication.
    Cygnet Public School (New)- tssmncps12@gmail.com
    TSSM’s Cygnus pre-primary– cygnuspreprimary@gmail.com

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    P.T. uniform should be wore on every Wednesday and Saturday.
    Parents must encourage reading text books and learning tables at home.
    Parents are requested to sign the diary regularly.
    Division wise list of the students is displayed outside and in the school building. No parents will be entertained for change in division.
    Expect kind support from parents in all these regards.
    Together we can change the student.

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    New parents are requested to collect the bus numbers and drivers numbers from School office.
    1st May 2018 to 6 th June 2018 School will have holidays.
    School timing from 7th June will be 8:00 Am to 2:30 Pm
    Parents are requested to pay 1st Installment of Annual Fees before 30th April.
    Parents are requested to pay 2nd Installment of Annual Fees before 30th September

Account Section

Student's Section

Documents to be submitted:

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